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Inside the Ghost Ships of the Mothball Fleet

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HESIOD was a Greek epic poet who flourished in Boeotia in the C8th B.C. He was alongside Homer the most respected of the old Greek poets. His works included a poem titled the Theogony, a cosmological work describing the origins and genealogy of the gods, Works and Days, on the subjects of farming, morality and country life, and a large number of lost or now fragmentary poems including the.

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Was Christopher Columbus's ship The Santa Maria burnt as firewood?

Odyssey Two; A nice standard location is a famous mysterious lost spaceship, especially if it is full of treasure or is commonly part of a treasure hunt story, with the protagonists searching for the ship in order to discover the Dread Secret of its disappearance.

Deborah Sampson was a woman who disguised herself as a man and fought as a soldier in the Continental Army during the American Revolution. She was one of only a small number of women who fought in the Revolutionary War and was later awarded a pension for her military service. The following are some facts about Deborah Sampson: Deborah Sampson's Childhood & Early Life: Deborah Sampson.

Unfortunately, the Be bug reporting system strips off the names of the people who report the bugs (to protect them from retribution!?) and so I don't know who wrote this.

Ship wreck essay
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