Recreational therapy essay

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Therapeutic Recreation Essays (Examples)

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Mark Pullman, who's sitting in a big enough director's chair getting interviewed for his E. Recreational therapy may also be simply referred to as recreation therapy, in short it is the utilization and enhancement of leisure.

The work of recreational therapists differ from other professionals on the basis of using leisure activities alone to meet well-being goals, they work with clients to enhance motor, social and cognitive.

an essay for students interested in therapeutic recreation Thank you for search out material on therapeutic recreation. My name is Cathy O'Keefe, and I have taught therapeutic recreation for over twenty years here at the University of South Alabama in Mobile, Alabama, a city that sits just north of the Gulf of Mexico in the Southern United.

Located in the Columbus, Ohio, neighborhood of Bexley, Capital University is a private, four-year undergraduate institution and graduate school that transforms lives through higher education. Recreational therapy, also known as therapeutic recreation, is a systematic process that utilizes recreation and other activity-based interventions to address the assessed needs of individuals with illnesses and/or disabling conditions, as a means to psychological and physical health, recovery and well-being.

What is the Profession Like? Therapeutic recreation is an exciting helping profession. It might be a good fit for you if you are interested in a health-related career and you have a strong interest in helping individuals with chronic illnesses and disabling conditions, especially through socially and physically active recreation.

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Recreational therapy essay
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