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The Maintenance Of Romantic Relationships Psya3 AQA A2 Psychology

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Two Theories of the Maintenance of Relationships

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The Maintenance Of Romantic Relationships Psya3 AQA A2 Psychology

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Formation and Maintenance of Relationship

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Two explanations on the maintenance of relationships One of the main theories for the maintenance of romantic relationships was created by Thibaut and Kelly incalled the Social exchange theory. Describe and evaluate two theories of maintenance of relationships.

Thibaut and Kelly proposed the social exchange theory. This claims that social behaviour is due to the result of an exchange process. This is where an individual attempts to maximise their own rewards and minimise their costs. Interpersonal relationships as a social relationship between the role and any other kind of social relations, is bound by the constraints of the relations of production, but also by other social relations, and thus should be examined in.

Maintenance of relationships can be explained through the Social Exchange Theory (Thibault and Kelley ). This is an economic theory which suggests that people maximise the possible rewards in a relationship whilst minimising their costs; specifically attraction.

The Investment Model (Rusbult ) AO1 Theory (Psya3: The Maintenance Of Romantic Relationships) A third theory explaining the maintenance of romantic relationships is the Investment Model by Rusbult (Investment Theory).

Maintainanse of relationship essay
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