Impact of state aid on aer lingus essay

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Sale of Aer Lingus

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Ryanair and Aer Lingus told to pay €16m to Government in 'illegal state aid' ruling

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State Aids in the Airline Sector: A Comparative Analysis of Iberia and Aer Lingus

financing of airports and airlines under EU State aid law. Aer Lingus Location (Country) Ireland E-mail address [email protected] environmental impact of the sectoral rules and of a potential application of the horizontal rules.

B Information on business models by airport operators and airlines. c) Evaluate the reactions of key stakeholders regarding the strategy of Ryanair bid for Aer Lingus. -The business report should be précised.

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Following appeals brought by Aer Lingus and Ryanair, the General Court upheld, in Julythe Commission’s findings on the State aid qualification, but partially annulled the Commission’s decision as regards the computation of the amount to be recovered.

In its judgment, the General Court concluded that, as the ATT is an excise duty.

Aer Lingus

Consider the impact of competition law and state aid on ports Gain an update on recent case law including: Air Cargo, RoRo, the price signalling investigation and others Debate key developments with fellow in-house lawyers and regulators.

But this has not been possible for Aer Lingus since its dependence is on the state to provide it with aid (Doganis, ). Inthe European Commission sought to approve the guidelines on evaluation proposals relating to state aid for airlines.

Impact of state aid on aer lingus essay
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