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CASE STUDY: Exempt or Nonexempt?

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non-exempt), their employer is not required to pay them overtime pay. It is at the employer’s discretion whether or not to pay for hours worked overtime.

Some employers might create an employee benefits package with extra perks in lieu of overtime pay. University System of Georgia (USG) Chancellor Steve Wrigley announced a Comprehensive Administrative Review at the April Board meeting.

This is a system-wide initiative focused on improving administration through creating efficiencies, streamlining processes and finding ways to be more effective with USG resources. 3. The things that Amy needs to consider before classifying shift leaders as exempt or non exempt employees are the requirements of the FLSA which consist of the salary base test.

If the employee are being paid hourly than they are non-exempt and qualifies for overtime, if they are salary than they don’t qualify for overtime.

By Kerry Vaughan Note: This post should note be taken as an endorsement of neoliberal ideas or policies. Instead, the post is intended to be a case study of how the neoliberals built an influencial intellectual movement over a relatively short perior of time.

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Exempt or non exempt essay
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