Conventional source of energy essay

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Sources of Energy: Conventional and Nonconventional Sources – Explained!

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Sources of Energy: Conventional and Nonconventional Sources – Explained!

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Conventional and non-conventional energy sources | Short Essay For Students

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Essay on Conventional and Non-Conventional Energy Sources

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The yearly energy and fuel consumption rates have risen dramatically within the last years.

Conventional Energy

The renewable sources of energy are also called non-conventional sources of energy because the techniques for their exploitation have been developed comparatively recently. These are also referred to as alternate sources of energy because they offer and alternative to conventional sources of energy.

Conventional energy sources also called the non-renewable energy sources. These sources are available in the limited range and develop over a long period. These. Conventional energy sources includes oil, gas and coal. These conventional sources are usually fossil fuels.

Their use leads to increased greenhouse gas emissions and other environmental damage. Besides the conventional sources of energy (which are likely to be exhausted with the passage of time), there are some non- conventional sources of energy.

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Conventional source of energy essay
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Essay on Conventional and Non-Conventional Energy Sources