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In a blog apply titled " Parents like Amy Chua are the white why Asian-Americans like me are in common ", she knew Chua "a narrow-minded, joyless bigot". Ending Hymn of the Tiger Mother.

Amy Chua: the tiger mom returns to the fray

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My son also demanded the book was fun to go because he could peek in the bible of another family. Unless I became a parent, I have soared to learn how difficult it is to say the talk:. Amy Chua concludes her article by stating, “Western parents try to respect their children's individuality, encouraging them to pursue Show More Related Documents: Parenting: Amy Chua vs.

Hanna Rosin Essay. Apart from being Tiger Mom, Amy Chua is a U.S. born oldest of four daughters of Chinese immigrants to the States, and high-profile professional. Both she and her Jewish husband are the professors of. Writer Amy Chua shocked the world with her provocative essay, “Why Chinese Mothers are Superior,” when it appeared in the Wall Street Journal earlier.

Amy Chua with daughters Lu Lu, far left, and Sophia, right, and the family Samoyed dogs, Coco and Pushkin. Photograph: Lorenzo Ciniglio/Polaris The 8, comments that followed are a snapshot of.

I told her to stop being lazy, cowardly, self-indulgent, and pathetic,” writes Amy Chua, a Yale Law School professor, describing the tactics she used to force her daughter Lulu to play “The Little White Donkey” on the piano (61).

Chua uses the term "Chinese Mothers quite loosely. She knows parents from other countries raising their children the Chinese way and Chinese parents raising their children more loose.

Strict, Controversial Parenting Style Leads to Death Threats for 'Tiger Mother' Amy Chua

Amy Chua uses provocation and irony to draw in the reader; just by naming the article something, which questions the western readers parenting.

Amy chua daughter essay
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