Alzheimers changes brain functionality essay


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(Alzheimer’s) Alzheimer's is essentially deterioration of the brain. “It is a type of dementia that causes problems with memory, thinking and behavior. “It is a type of dementia that causes problems with memory, thinking and behavior.

Alzheimer's is a progressive, degenerative disease that attacks the brain; causing impaired memory, thinking and behavior. A person with Alzheimer’s Disease may experience personality and behavior changes, impaired judgment, confusion and difficulty finishing thoughts, following directions or even finding the right word to say in a.

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possible variant form of Alzheimer’s disease. 2. HOW. Brain fog affects mental processes such as memory and concentration.

It can be a symptom of many conditions, including multiple sclerosis (MS) and depression. It can also be a side effect of some.

Alzheimers changes brain functionality essay
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Alzheimer’s Disease: Everything You Need to Know